Lake Rules

1. Fishing is available from 7.00 am to sunset.
2. Fishing is with one rod, line and hook, pole only.
3. NO KEEPNETS ALLOWED (except in a pre-booked match).
4. No fish to be removed from site, anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted.
5. Keep the area tidy. Anyone with litter in or around his or her peg will be asked to leave.
6. Barbless or hooks only to be used.
7. Fishing is only allowed from designated platforms.
8. Anglers must remain close to the pools and not interfere with any form of wildlife or trample down any vegetation.
9. A current rod licence is required.
10. No fish to be held in cloths or towels. Fish to be returned to the water carefully and promptly.
11. Natural baits only.
12. No braided hook lengths, dog or cat food or tiger nuts.